• Pope Francis “embraces” the Parish Evangelisation Cells (CPE) - Septembre 2015

    It’s a great feast and very profound the joy in expecting the audience that the Holy Father will grant especially to the “evangelisation cell members” arriving in Rome from the five continents On Saturday september the 5th, at 12.00, Pope Francis will consecrate His person and His words to more than 5000 cell members, arriving from all over the world, who keep in their hearts the deep desire to evangelize, to bring the Good News to those who still do not know it.
    The title of His precious (...)

  • With cells, people took sense that they were church - Février 2010

    Listen to the Father Michael Hurley, to show us his experience on parish cells system. I have always been interested in evangelisation and wanting people to share a deeper faith. In Rome I heard Don PiGi speaking in 1989 about small parish cells of evangelisation and I told myself that’s an ideal way of bringing people to reflect on the everyday issues of life in terms of God’s love for them...
    A new change in direction...
    I went to Milan in June 1990 and then started the cell system (...)

  • Cells, a powerful growth of faith - February 2010

    Claudia and Ileana, coming from St.Edwards Parish Cells in Pembroke Pines (Florida - USA), share their joyful experience of life spent in service to God and brothers.
    As ambassadors of Fr. Michael Eivers, the recognized father of Catholics Cells They confirm that Cells can deeply change the life of a Parish ….
    Father Eivers affirms that Eucharistic Adoration, new life Seminar in Holy Spirit and Evangelizing Cell System are the pillars which can really renew the life of every Parish. These (...)

  • Leaders training manual parish cell sistem of evangelization - November 2009

    We herewith present the third edition of the LEADER TRAINING MANUAL, which, like the two preceding editions, is translated directly from the Manual of the Saint Boniface Parish, in Florida, which for many years has profitably experienced the validity of the PARISH EVANGELISM CELL SYSTEM. The translation of the first edition was prepared by Alessandra Rossi, to whom we give our thanks. This edition attempts to maintain the same, general framework, because we find it extremely valid, given (...)

  • Lay dicastery honours parish-based evangelization system - August 2009

    The Parish Cells of Evangelization system, introduced in Europe in 1985 by Don Pigi Perini, parish priest of St. Eustorgio parish in Milan, was honoured in Rome on Friday, May 29th by the Pontifical Council for the Laity.
    Bishop Joseph Clemens, who presided at the ceremony, spoke of the significance of this ministry for the Church.
    Bishop Clemens: “For me, the pontifical recognition is like a pause. We stop and, in a way, the Church welcomes the charism – this path and method, this way of (...)

  • Malta Site - - February 2010

    Annunciation Centre for evangelisation and formation Malta

  • Leixlip Parish Cells of Evangelization in Ireland - March 2010

  • US Site - - Mars 2010

  • Changing the Face of Your Parish - Mai 2010

    Every baptized person has a mandate from Jesus to proclaim the love of God, but this requires prayer and friendship with the Holy Spirit, according to a priest who directs a program for parish evangelization. Don Pigi Perini, parish priest at St. Eustorgio in Milan, is the president of the international organization dedicated to parish evangelization cells. This evangelization method is marking its 22nd year and a conference will be held on the system in May.
    Father Perini is convinced (...)